Alhamisi, 24 Agosti 2017

Computer shortcuts help user to make easy the use of computer. They are saving time for typists and other computer users. In this post you are going to see most used computer shortcut used by many of users in the world.
1.             Press Windows logo key   to open the start menu   
2.             Press Alt + Tab switch between open programs or windows
3.             Use Alt + F4 to cloche the active (opened) item or to exit opened program
4.             Use Ctrl + S to save the file or document.
.             Ctrl + used to select all items in window or document.
6.             Ctrl + C used to copy the selected items in a document or window.
1)            Ctrl + X used to cut the selected items
7.             Ctrl + V used to paste the selected items
8.             Press Ctrl + Z to undo an action
9.             Press Esc to cancel the task
10.         Use windows logo key  + F1 to display windows help and support center
11.         Ctrl + H used to replace items
12.         Ctrl + F used to open find box to find items in document or program
13.         Del  used to delete item
14.         Ctrl + Home used to move to the top of a document
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