Jumatano, 18 Oktoba 2017


Vitamins are essential in ensuring normal growth of a body and carry out its functions and protecting our bodies. There are vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K. vitamin B groups in groups such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. Any lack of vitamins among these can cause serious problems for someone's health.

Vitamin A, D, E and K, are called fat-soluble vitamins. These can be stored inside the body. So we do not need to eat everyday foods contain these vitamins. On the other hand, some vitamin B and C are called water-soluble vitamins, so they are not stored in the body, hence, we need to eat these vitamin 's foods daily.

Vitamin A is found in milk, liver, carrots, orange vegetable table. These vitamins are essential for the health of the eye and respiratory tract. Lack of these vitamins leads to failure to see at night. The body becomes easy to get infected when a person has  deficiency of vitamin A 

This vitamin B1 is found in meat, liver, eggs, yeast and rice. Helps in metabolism. It also helps in coordinating muscle. Lack of these vitamins leads to beriberi disease where someone is losing the appetite. A muscle cramp is also an indication of the deficiency of these vitamins. Sometimes the heart failure to work is due to the deficiency of these vitamins.

This vitamin B2 is then found in meat, liver, eggs and yeast. It contributes to metabolism. The sore of the lips is a symptom of lack of vitamins

Vitamin B3 is found in fish, peanuts, meat, yeast and rice. It is needed to help enzymes to convert food into energy. Pellagra is a disease caused by this deficiency of vitamins. The patient loses appetite to eat, muscle weakness and skin disorders.

This vitamin B6 is found in meat, vegetables, grains, and yeast. Helps in the protein processing (protein metabolism). Anemia, nerve irritability and ulcer on the lips are caused by this deficiency of vitamins.

This vitamin B12 is found in fish, meat, eggs, milk and liver. Helps in blood formation, and the production of genetic materials. Anemia, weight loss and nerve damage are due to this deficiency of vitamins.

Vitamin C is thus obtained from citrus fruits like lemon and orange, green vegetables, and tomatoes. It helps the body to absorb iron minerals. Loss of muscle strength and joint pains and eye bruising scurvy and frequent bleeding in gum are symptoms of deficiency of these vitamins.

Vitamin D is found in eggs, milk, fish and liver. It helps to grow and strengthen teeth and bones. Rickets in children, osteoporosis (soft bones) in an adult caused by vitamin D. deficiency.

Vitamin E is found in sunflowers, butter, rice and peanuts. they are Antioxidant prevents damage of all membranes. Nerve abnormalities caused by a deficiency of these vitamins. 

Vitamin K is found mainly in green vegetables and liver. Helps in the blood clotting after getting a wound. excessive discharge of blood in injury indicate the deficiency of vitamin K