Alhamisi, 16 Machi 2017


Spider silk is a substance with incredible properties that has proven to be quite hard to imitate. Following are a few of these features:
  • Spider silk is five times stronger than steel of the same diameter.
  • It can stretch four times its initial length.
  • It is extremely light in weight. For example; a spider silk strand that could be stretched around the globe would only weigh 320 grams.
Being able to artificially mass-produce this amazing substance has long been a dream of many scientists. If this dream comes true, many sectors, from the military to healthcare would benefit enormously from spider silk. To give examples to the products planned to be manufactured using spider silk:
  • Bulletproof clothing
  • Wear-resistant lightweight clothing
  • Ropes, nets, seat belts, parachutes
  • Rust-free panels on motor vehicles or boats
  • Biodegradable bottles
  • Bandages, surgical thread
  • Artificial tendons or ligaments, support for weak blood vessels.
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