Jumapili, 13 Agosti 2017


The health of human being is not something that can be added electronically or analogical. It need a lot of time to manage your health even knowledge. The most important things to consider when planning to manage well your health is to pay attention to the food you eat. In this post we are going to mention 5 common behaviors that are dangerous to your health as proposed by medical doctors.
1.Drinking little water or ignoring drinking water at all in a day
1.      . Water is very important in the health of human being and all creatures. Water needed in the metabolic activities.
Its water which used to cool down internal heat if is high. Water can smooth the process of digestion, blood circulation and other systems in the body. It happen headache when a person drink little water. It is recommended to drink a lot of water not less than liter per day. Some medical doctors recommend drinking water as early as possible when a person wakes up. The hot water is important in this regard.

2.   2. Ignoring body exercise for long time;
2.    It is scientific recommendation that a person should perform exercise so as to enable effective body activities. An exercise can be used to decrease deposit fat under our skin, and in the wall of blood vessel. Exercise may be used to reduce the heart attack.  It is very dangerous to ignore performing exercise for long time.

3.     3  Sleeping with remain of food in the mouth with ought to taking tooth brush.
         This may cause teeth damage since the bacteria which are dangerous can use the remain of food and reproduce them selves and starting damaging your teeth. It is healthy habit to perform tooth brush before sleeping

4   4. Having a lot of stress, depression and deep strange feeling for long time
.    These feeling can cause ulcers and other negative effects to the body of human being. Immunol system can be weakened if have a lot of stress.  It is scientifically proved that, among of the major factors which cause stomach ulcers is having stress. Stress may lead to suicide and meal skipping.

5.      5. Meal skipping; many people have this habit to ignore their right time to take meal.
    This is real not good for your health. Skipping of meal can make your body I dangerous. A person needs to eat at a right time. A person with this habit must go to the doctor to know if problems of losing food appetite.
        The food we eat has direct effect to our health, and many  diseases we experience caused by poor digestion we experience. Today the spread of cancer, diabetes, ulcers and body pressure related diseases are due to our food and poor digestion we have. Now its a time to wake up from the darkness of ignorant we have concerning meal and digestion we are experiencing.