Jumapili, 19 Machi 2017


                       CAN ANTS BUILD AN ACID FACTORY?

Glands in ants' bodies produce formic acid (H2CO2) 4 Ants regularly
spread this chemical substance, with its antibiotic properties,
over their bodies, thus preventing bacteria and fungi from growing
on themselves and in their nest.
Those ants secrete this "disinfectant" acid in their own bodies and
know how to use it is astonishing. Even more amazing, however, is
that other creatures are also aware of their ability.
Some species of bird also use
this acid in ants. Though unable
to secrete chemical substances
themselves, they frequently visit
anthills and let the ants crawl
among their feathers, leaving behind
the formic acid they produce—
and thus ridding
themselves of all their parasites.
How does the ant know that
formic acid is effective against
fungi—let alone the chemical formula
for that acid? How is it that
the ant comes to no harm, while
producing such a dangerous acid
in its body? Moreover, how to do
birds know that they can use
ants' formic acid to get rid of parasites?
First, we need to question
how this chemical substance
Engineering in Nature
came into being. It is totally impossible for any chemical substance
that serves a specific purpose to arise by chance. Any error in the synthesis
of formic acid will mean that it loses its antibiotic properties,
and run the risk of harmful, poisonous substances being created.
That being so, it's most illogical to maintain that the ant synthesized
this substance on its own, or that the ant's body produces it by
chance. Leaving that aside, let's assume that formic acid's formula
emerged fully and complete. But this still changes nothing, because
there must be not only a system to produce the acid in the ant's body but
also some system to protect the ant and keep the acid from doing
it any harm. This clearly reveals that, contrary to what evolutionists
would have us believe, the ant's glands could not have developed in
None of these creatures can carry out these procedures on their
own. The fact is that ants emerged suddenly, together with all their
characteristics. God, the Omniscient, created formic acid, the glands
to produce it, at the same time He created ants themselves.
It is also God Who inspires birds to visit ants' nests to make use of
their formic acid. God knows the needs of all living things and creates
the means with which they can be met. In one verse, it is revealed that
God surrounds and pervades all:
It is God Who created the seven heavens and of the Earth the
same number, the Command descending down through all of
them, so that you might know that God has power over all
things and that God encompasses all things in His knowledge.
(Surat at-Talaq: 12)

                          written by:-
                        DR.Harun Yahya